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A group of single moms got together and started Poverty Resistance in 1987 as a thrift store with a small weekend food closet at 450 S. Wolcott. We were just trying to support ourselves and provide for our kids. We were also informally acting as a mutual emotional
support group.


As time went on, it became clear that we were not the only moms who needed food, clothing and some moral support—not to mention some food assistance.

As a group, we never had much money.  We never were able to get a big fancy building or a fleet of trucks. However, we managed to continue to supply support for our low income folks.


The program has grown, changed, grown some more to the organization that we have today.

We also involved in a variety of different efforts, including: Medical Cannabis Initiative, Medicaid Expansion, Pro Choice, Voter Resources and Registration and Running for Local Office.


Still at 450 S. Wolcott. Still run mainly by low income folks. We’re still broke but we’re still here.​

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Poverty Resistance Food Pantry is a separately-formed, IRS-approved 501 (c)(3). We organized in 2012 to allow the food pantry to access grocery rescue and other food sources to support an expansion of the food program.


The Food Pantry operates separately from the outreach and social issue aspects of Poverty Resistance.


Initially we supported our weekend food closet by canned food drives and asking local grocery stores to give us their dated produce and bread products. The grocery rescue programs that were growing across the country had not hit Wyoming in any meaningful way and the Poverty volunteers were instrumental in starting a grocery rescue program in the state.


In the 90s volunteers trucked to Denver to add to their food by working with Second Harvest.


In the 2000s Second Harvest had grown into the Food Bank of the Rockies and opened a warehouse in Mills. This new warehouse brought thousands of pounds of grocery rescue to Wyoming.


Poverty Resistance became a partner with the Food Bank. We managed to grow to the point that we currently distribute over $900,000 in grocery rescue each year.


Contact us for information on how to access food through our program.

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450 S Wolcott St, Casper, WY 82601, USA


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